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March 2012

March 31, 2012 – A total of 42 (26 dogs/16 cats) loving animals found their forever home in March. To date 131 animals have been adopted from PCF. Two TNR clinics where scheduled in March and 78 cats where fixed and returned to their care takers.

One cat clinic was held in March spaying/neutering 36 cats.

Your compassion and support make a difference!  Please continue to support PCF. Together we are making a difference for the animals that deserved a second chance.


We adopted Boss from Pets Come First and my youngest daughter changed his name to Lowie.

She said he looked like a Lowie.  After a fun car ride to Petco to get some new items, he settled in our home quite nicely.  He introduced himself to the guinea pigs and the cat. At first the meeting with the cat was not taken well, but now they seem to be pals. We have caught them several times exchanging nose kisses in the morning, it is really cute! 

I do believe Lowie loves being with us…we love him, too. He now has a routine. He sleeps in my room, gets up in the morning to go for a walk, comes back to get petted by everyone and in return gives kisses to everyone.  He looks happily at all of us wagging his tail all day. We have even noticed some strength returning to his back legs. 

Thank you PCF!  We love Lowie very much!


Diamond is doing so well. She has adjusted perfectly and is our big spoiled baby. She thinks she is a lap dog. My kids love her. We took her to my parent’s house for the weekend and she did great with their dog and she even did great with my Mom’s cats. I am very proud of Diamond.  We have not had any issues what so ever with her adjusting to our family. She has never had an accident in the house and she enjoys riding in the car. I want to thank you PCF for giving us a wonderful new member to our family.  We just love her to death!  She is the perfect dog and we are glad that we decided to adopt from your organization. 



Thank you PCF for my adorable “Easter Bunny”, Paschal.

He has a slight handicap to his one side, but that doesn’t slow him down at all.  He loves his food and nibbling on his hay, but especially loves the leafy greens, carrots and strawberries he gets as treats.  Paschal loves to sit on top of the hide-away inside of his crate so he can observe everything going on, but especially loves his exercise time outside of the crate where he is free to roam and explore new things.   He even makes little obstacle courses for himself under chairs and over boxes.  Thanks to PCF for taking in an injured bunny and for taking great care of him until he found his forever home with me!