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My fiancé and I were looking to adopt a cat when we visited Pets Come First.  Bouncer a tuxedo cat won our hearts.  He had come to the Adoption Center with his brother Baby and they were both semi-feral cats.  PCF had both of them neutered and began socializing them by putting them in the cat room.  We were told Baby was very friendly, Bouncer was very aloof.  Bouncer came out of his shell especially after his brother Baby found his new people and was adopted.  Now Bouncer has a new forever home with us, a Pug/Chihuahua mix, and a Macaw.  They love to sleep together and hang out.  They will all get on the floor and the three of them will chase one another.  Thanks you PCF!




Domestic Shorthair/Mix:  An adoptable cat in State College, PA
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Winners – Sheetz Gas Card Raffle

Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets to support PCF.
Congratulations to the grand prize winners!

  • Kathy Witherite – $350.00
  • Jason Herrington – $100.00
  • Kim Fausey – $50.00

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Just want to let you know Buddy is doing FANTASTIC!!!
His new brother and sister (two 4-year-old miniature
poodles named Lucy & Desi) adore him, as we do.  He
is eating, drinking, playing (not so much... yet). He
slept in "the big bed" with the rest of his family
last night.  This morning we all watched a movie
together... in bed... before we had breakfast. He
found his voice today and joined in the barking and
tail wagging ceremony as the UPS man showed up, the
mailman passed-by, and, is enjoying "boofing" at bicycle riders headed up
to Tussey Mountain.   He has a stay-at-home-mom who writes a food blog and
makes homemade dog food.  The pups eat steak or chicken mixed with steamed
rice and vegetables twice a day.   He is sleeping on a wing chair next to
my computer (in the picture below, that is my husband at my computer)
right now, with Desilou" at my feet)!

Buddy ("Niles") is HOME!!!
~Melanie P

Frantic Call~

Thank you Deb for your kind response to my frantic call yesterday regarding the little black kitten that followed me down Garner Street.   I was given your number by Colby W. who gave high praises of your work.  I spoke to the women who posted she lost her cat and she has offered to foster the little kitten, and possible will make it a forever home.

~Ruth K


Shortly after Thanksgiving Day 2009 I adopted Molly from the SPCA.  She was one year old Shih Tzu mix and mother to several adorable pupils.  I fell in love with Ms Molly.  She has become quite the runner despite her short t legs; she can sprint along for 4-5 miles a day.  She is fond of lazy moments in front of the fireplace or on her arm chair.  She loves snow, hiking swimming n streams and Whipple Dam in the summer.  She is truly this woman’s best friend.  When I found out PCF was taking over the shelter I placed a call to family members and friends to give donations in lieu of my Christmas gifts.  It is a small amount for all the good you all do every day for so many wonderful animals in need.  Not to mention the humans in need of wonderful animals.  Thank you for helping people like me find our furry forever friends.

 ~Jess n Molly


I adopted Piper on April 15, 2012.  She was malnourished, and starved for love and attention. She has adjusted to her new home and continues to gain weight.  I had to let her collar out two holes!  I would like to thank Pets Come First for working with me in adopting Piper.  She has turned out to be a very smart, well mannered great companion.

~ S. Ellenberger


Willow likes her new home and thanks PCF for taking
such good care of her until she found her forever
~Kathy K

Taking Time ~

It has been 2½ months since we adopted Maggie (Lucy) and we are delighted to have her in our life.  She is still tremendously fearful and nervous. We hope our love and attention will lead to her feeling secure.  Thank you for all your assistance coordinating visits and the final adoption process.

  ~Kristen & Doug K.

May 2012

May Day May Day……Five months, PCF and all our volunteers are placing animals in loving homes daily and we are only open four days a week! What a team! During the month of May, we have adopted 25 cats and 20 dogs to their new forever homes. That is 45 happy furry friends that have new loving homes.

Two cat clinics were held during May. The first clinic spayed/neutered 30 cats and the second clinic spayed/neutered 28 cats.

THANK YOU for making a difference in the lives of these innocent animals who all deserve a chance to be loved.