Just want to let you know Buddy is doing FANTASTIC!!!
His new brother and sister (two 4-year-old miniature
poodles named Lucy & Desi) adore him, as we do.  He
is eating, drinking, playing (not so much... yet). He
slept in "the big bed" with the rest of his family
last night.  This morning we all watched a movie
together... in bed... before we had breakfast. He
found his voice today and joined in the barking and
tail wagging ceremony as the UPS man showed up, the
mailman passed-by, and, is enjoying "boofing" at bicycle riders headed up
to Tussey Mountain.   He has a stay-at-home-mom who writes a food blog and
makes homemade dog food.  The pups eat steak or chicken mixed with steamed
rice and vegetables twice a day.   He is sleeping on a wing chair next to
my computer (in the picture below, that is my husband at my computer)
right now, with Desilou" at my feet)!

Buddy ("Niles") is HOME!!!
~Melanie P