Shortly after Thanksgiving Day 2009 I adopted Molly from the SPCA.  She was one year old Shih Tzu mix and mother to several adorable pupils.  I fell in love with Ms Molly.  She has become quite the runner despite her short t legs; she can sprint along for 4-5 miles a day.  She is fond of lazy moments in front of the fireplace or on her arm chair.  She loves snow, hiking swimming n streams and Whipple Dam in the summer.  She is truly this woman’s best friend.  When I found out PCF was taking over the shelter I placed a call to family members and friends to give donations in lieu of my Christmas gifts.  It is a small amount for all the good you all do every day for so many wonderful animals in need.  Not to mention the humans in need of wonderful animals.  Thank you for helping people like me find our furry forever friends.

 ~Jess n Molly