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Hello everyone! I wanted to send a few pictures of William in his new home. I was a little worried at first because the ride home seemed to be very stressful for him but since then he has adapted quite well. It took the weekend for him to bond with myself and my roommate and now just look at him, he is a very sweet cat. He has a healthy appetite and is quite active in the mornings and sleeps in the afternoons. He loves looking out the window and playing with the toys we had gotten him. Thank you again William is now home!



August 2012

Eight months into taking over the SPCA of Centre Hall and having dedicated caring volunteers, we have adopted 24 cats and 21 dogs.  That is 45 loving animals in the  month of August have a place to call home. What a community! 

Cat Clinic numbers will be available soon.


Here’s a picture of Joey in one of his favorite spots — on top of the camera bag.  He loves to sleep there while we work on the computer.  We just came back from Ricketts Glen and Joey’s first camping trip. He was a little nervous to be riding in the van at first but when he saw how calm Buddy was he quickly calmed down and enjoyed the rest of the trip.  He is a bit too little for hiking so we stuck to the level path to the beach.  Looks like Joey is going to grow up to be our little travel buddy just like our Buddy.  Thanks so much to Pets Come First for all the good work you do.

                                                                                                                                             ~Donna and Rocco Zinobile



We adopted Mary from Pets Come First in January, and we were told that she was actually one of the first dogs adopted with your new ownership of the PCF Adoption Center.

She is wonderful, and she has come a long way.  She loves to be involved in anything we are doing.  I wanted to share Mary’s new blog with you, where she will be sharing all of her adventures. (I thought it was funny when I saw that you call your success stories “happy tails” because Mary’s blog is called “Mary Tails.”)

Thank you for everything you do, and for your role in bringing Mary into our lives!  I already don’t know what I’d do without her!            ~Jenn Haynal

Archie & Hank

The little black kitten and his buddy, now known as Archie and Hank, are both doing wonderfully.  They started out in my bedroom and bathroom but quickly decided there was a whole house and other animals to explore. They love having the run of the house, playing with toys, and leaping on and off my bed. They’re an absolute wonderful fit with the rest of the house and are such sweethearts to boot. Thank you for all you do!                                                                                                                                                               ~Sami Yuhas


We adopted Molly our purebred Maltese from PCF.  We enjoyed seeing you at the Grange Fair and wanted to share some photos of Molly.                                                                                                                                             ~Molly’s Family


Stepping In~

Thank you PCF for helping us out when we found a serious injured animal.  We have found this little cat owners.  She is the sweetest thing and doing well. I don’t know what I would have done if your organization hadn’t stepped in. Thank you for all you do in our community.

~Diane Casher

Magic & Bagheera

Here are pictures of Magic and Bagheera (formerly Licorice).  Magic looking for her long evening petting session and Bagheera is hanging out in the dining room.  Thank you PCF!



Yogi, the dog we adopted from Pets Come First on July 14th is doing wonderful! He fits in perfectly with our family. He’s always playing, he doesn’t get much sleep. There’s never a dual moment with him. Our other dogs have warmed up to him very well. We are very thankful that we came the day we did to find Yogi. I had lost a dog a couple days before so Yogi has brought great joy to us.  See how happy he is. 🙂   Thank you PCF!
~The Witherite Family


We could not be happier with having Jack (previously known as Mikey) in our lives.  Jack has really come out of his shell and craves attention and affection all the time… and if he doesn’t get enough he lets us know nibbling on our toes (gently, of course).  Jack has already developed a daily routine: he likes to wake us up at the crack of dawn for a petting session followed by some breakfast. He lounges around during the day on the back of the couch, sunbathes on the patio, or spends time watching the outdoor life by the window. At night he loves playing with his toys until he is exhausted and ready to sleep, at which point he hops on our bed for the night. Thank you PCF for taking care of Jack until he found his forever home!

~Nick and Farnaz