With the Holiday season upon us I thought about how blessed our family is to have the animals in our lives that we have. I wanted to update you on how Barrett is doing in his new home. We have been calling him Zeke or, as he prefers, Zekey.  He is now a wonderful healthy 100 lbs. He loves to cuddle and give hugs. He also loves to play with his big sisters and has helped them to lose weight. We have recently started taking him out in the field with us and he can’t get enough of running in circles. He has his own fenced in yard and a plethora of toys at his disposal. He still has the naughty puppy habit of chewing some items that are not toys; underwear, bedding, and magazines. He is slowly learning commands and is always happy to make us happy. He can be very protective of us when it comes to strangers, which is something we are readily working on. He loves the cats and constantly tries to play with them. All in all he is a very large ray of sunshine in our house and we have no regrets about bringing him into our lives. Have a happy holiday season.

~Britnea Jones