Retriever, Labrador/Anatolian Shepherd.  An adoptable dog in State College, PA

Russell is the typical rescue dog. We know his story by heart. Probably given to someone as a cute fluffy puppy, he grew too big and was tied outside, never neutered, vaccinated or wormed, he got loose and was forgotten about.  He was running loose in Julian for 3 weeks, a kind couple caught him and brought him to PCF. He was very scared and thin, he growled at everyone. After time he was neutered, vaccinated and has turned into a “love bug”! He was adopted and returned after a few weeks, because of some “snapping” issues.  He doesn’t like his collar grabbed. We are working on behavioral training with him and hoping to find the right person who will continue to work with this “gazelle” of a dog!  Russell is graceful and he loves to play! He deserves love and attention and with consistent training he will settle into his new home nicely!