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Check out Pets Come First in the Lewistown Sentinel!  Thank you for the support and publicity for the shelter, spay/neuter clinic, and bike ride fundraiser!!

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Blaze 1

Blaze was a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel Mix that came to Pets Come First after being left behind by his owner at a rental property.  After Blaze arrived to the shelter he was neutered, updated on shots, groomed, and then found his new family!  This is their update on Blaze!!

We just wanted to write in about how happy we are to have Blaze as part of our family! I know at first there was nervousness on our part, as we didn’t know what the reasons he was surrendered for were. However, we simply can’t imagine why someone would give up this wonderful guy…. but we are glad they did because he is now a part of our family! He adjusted wonderfully, and loves playing with our children and with us. I have since discovered though that he LOVES fresh zucchini bread…straight from the cooling racks.  :/  I guess he was telling me I needed one less loaf. LOL!!!
He may be 7, but he is a puppy at heart 🙂 We are just so thankful that we can report a happy tail, and that this “shelter dog” proved to be exactly the right fit for our family.
Gabriel, Heather & Family
Thank you for providing such a fun and happy home for Blaze!!
Blaze 2
Blaze 3