Happy Tail – Wyatt


Attention “Happy Tail” lovers – it doesn’t get much better than this update about Wyatt the cat! This is a longer update, but shows that sometimes it just takes the right family and home for an animal that seems shy, frightened, or reclusive at the shelter to settle in and come out for their shell in their new home.

Wyatt came to PCF as a kitten, but for some reason was continuously overlooked by potential adopters. He was moved into the cat colony where he proceeded to mostly avoid people by sleeping and hiding in the boxes, pillows, or enclosures in the room. This limited interaction with people didn’t help Wyatt’s hopes to find a new home, and soon he had been at the shelter for 2 years. Wyatt has a special place in the hearts of everyone at PCF, but they truly wanted him to find his forever home. Well it was meant to be one day…and now we will leave the story up to his NEW FAMILY!!!

“My name is Mitchell and about 2 1/2 months ago my wife Naomie and I adopted 3 cats from the Pets Come First shelter. Two were kittens “Wendy kitten”, now Starfire and “Ace” – a female, now Tigerlily. We also adopted a 2 year old cat named Wyatt – a beautiful grey and white male who had been at the shelter since he was a kitten, over two years at PCF. Wyatt was very scared and in fact had to be caught by a couple of workers just to be put in his carrier to come home with us. The first 24 to 48 hrs Wyatt was completely reclusive but after a little time he began to let my wife and I touch him and he would play with strings or chase a laser pointer beam light image. By Christmas he was coming to us when we called him and was even getting up on our bed. Even with our initial interactions with Wyatt we could tell he was a very affectionate, loving and gentle cat.

Today, after less than 90 days in our household Wyatt has become a very active member of our household. He sleeps in the bed with me and my wife or in his rug-lined cat tower. He comes upstairs for his breakfast and to play with the kittens. He seeks attention from me and my wife almost every time we go are in our bedroom and office. Wyatt has several toy mice and he carries them into our presence and “meows” until we come and see him and give him attention. Wyatt is a total sweetheart and one of the most gentle, affectionate cats I have ever adopted. He will let me stroke him from his chin to his stomach without an aggressive move. He is a wonderful addition to our household and has totally thrived in his new home. He plays with the other kittens.”

THANK YOU Mitchell and Naomie for giving Wyatt a chance to have a great life in your home!

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