Race Results 2012

dog jog
Prizes and special awards were given to the top three male and  female runners, the top three men masters and women masters, the first rescue, veteran, small, medium, and large dogs.

The walkers and their furry friends who participated, were part of a drawing where over 50 gifts and prizes were given away.  Before and after the race, everyone enjoyed a pet fair, silent auction, food vendors, and what turned out to be a warm, sunny day. Pets Come First appreciates your continued support!

Runners Only/No Dogs Runner Name No Dog Time
1st Female Georganne Watson N/A ’19:35
2nd Female Tara Murray N/A ’20:45
3rd Female Emma Federinko N/A ’23:26
1st Male Alan Effrig N/A ’19:07
2nd Male Adam Wetzel N/A ’19:13
3rd Male Scott Roycroft N/A ’19:40
Masters Only/No Dogs Runner Name Time
1st Female Master (40+) Lynda Federinko N/A ’23:59
2nd Female Master (40+) Danelle Del Corso N/A ’27:31
3rd Female Master (40+) Kathy Carra N/A ’27:43
1st Male Master (40+) Rich Harter N/A ’21:18
2nd Male Master (40+) Earl Lake N/A ’22:29
3rd Male (40+) Andrew Hitchings N/A ’22:33
Dogs with Runners Runner Name Dog Name Time
1st Dog/Female Owner Georgann Watson Jasper ’19:35
2nd Dog/Female Owner Tara Murray Maverick ’20:43
3rd Dog/Female Owner Lynda Federinko Kirby ’23:59
1st Dog/Male Owner Adam Wetzel Roxy ’19:13
2nd Dog/Male Owner Scott Roycroft Lily ’19:40
3rd Dog/Male Owner Aaron Patterson Stella ’20:29
Rescue Dogs Runner Name Dog Name Time
1st Rescue Dog/ Female Owner Megan Eargle Bo ’26:40
1st Rescue Dog/Male Owner Andy Rose Darby ’22:36
Veteran Dogs w Runner Name Dog Name Time
1st Veteran Dog/Female Owner
1st Veteran Dog /Male Owner Andrew Hitchings Dingo ’22:33
Small/Medium/Large Dogs Runner Name Dog Name Time
1st Small Dog/Female Owner Stacy Parks Miller Ace the Wonder Dog ’59:14
1st Small Dog/Male Owner Tim Bracken ’22:51
1st Medium Dog/Female Owner Maggie Muir Zoe ’25:50
1st Medium Dog /Male Owner Todd Runk Katie ’20:55
1st Large Dog/Female Owner Veronica Ciavarella Nilla ’24:22
1st Large Dog/Male Owner Gary Shetler Potter ’23:01
Back of the Pack Runner Name Dog Name Time
Last Dog/Owner Nick Redwing Amy ’59:59