We adopted Molly our purebred Maltese from PCF.  We enjoyed seeing you at the Grange Fair and wanted to share some photos of Molly.                                                                                                                                             ~Molly’s Family


Magic & Bagheera

Here are pictures of Magic and Bagheera (formerly Licorice).  Magic looking for her long evening petting session and Bagheera is hanging out in the dining room.  Thank you PCF!



Yogi, the dog we adopted from Pets Come First on July 14th is doing wonderful! He fits in perfectly with our family. He’s always playing, he doesn’t get much sleep. There’s never a dual moment with him. Our other dogs have warmed up to him very well. We are very thankful that we came the day we did to find Yogi. I had lost a dog a couple days before so Yogi has brought great joy to us.  See how happy he is. 🙂   Thank you PCF!
~The Witherite Family


We could not be happier with having Jack (previously known as Mikey) in our lives.  Jack has really come out of his shell and craves attention and affection all the time… and if he doesn’t get enough he lets us know nibbling on our toes (gently, of course).  Jack has already developed a daily routine: he likes to wake us up at the crack of dawn for a petting session followed by some breakfast. He lounges around during the day on the back of the couch, sunbathes on the patio, or spends time watching the outdoor life by the window. At night he loves playing with his toys until he is exhausted and ready to sleep, at which point he hops on our bed for the night. Thank you PCF for taking care of Jack until he found his forever home!

~Nick and Farnaz



Delilah our new kitten is meshing very well. We separated her for a minimal amount of time as she HATED being alone. She came out like gangbusters and insisted that everyone was going to play with her, whether they liked it or not. Our Bengal, who lost her companion a year ago has especially latched onto her. At any time during the day you will see a huge silver and black blur streaking across the room, followed by a tiny black blur racing after her.

Delilah plays with Oscar, our only male, who currently weighs in at 23 lbs. She makes herself at home for a nap with both Mystery and Oscar!

I appreciate all your help and understanding as we found a wonderful match for our family

                                                                                                                                                                      ~Melissa Walker


My fiancé and I were looking to adopt a cat when we visited Pets Come First.  Bouncer a tuxedo cat won our hearts.  He had come to the Adoption Center with his brother Baby and they were both semi-feral cats.  PCF had both of them neutered and began socializing them by putting them in the cat room.  We were told Baby was very friendly, Bouncer was very aloof.  Bouncer came out of his shell especially after his brother Baby found his new people and was adopted.  Now Bouncer has a new forever home with us, a Pug/Chihuahua mix, and a Macaw.  They love to sleep together and hang out.  They will all get on the floor and the three of them will chase one another.  Thanks you PCF!




Just want to let you know Buddy is doing FANTASTIC!!!
His new brother and sister (two 4-year-old miniature
poodles named Lucy & Desi) adore him, as we do.  He
is eating, drinking, playing (not so much... yet). He
slept in "the big bed" with the rest of his family
last night.  This morning we all watched a movie
together... in bed... before we had breakfast. He
found his voice today and joined in the barking and
tail wagging ceremony as the UPS man showed up, the
mailman passed-by, and, is enjoying "boofing" at bicycle riders headed up
to Tussey Mountain.   He has a stay-at-home-mom who writes a food blog and
makes homemade dog food.  The pups eat steak or chicken mixed with steamed
rice and vegetables twice a day.   He is sleeping on a wing chair next to
my computer (in the picture below, that is my husband at my computer)
right now, with Desilou" at my feet)!

Buddy ("Niles") is HOME!!!
~Melanie P


Shortly after Thanksgiving Day 2009 I adopted Molly from the SPCA.  She was one year old Shih Tzu mix and mother to several adorable pupils.  I fell in love with Ms Molly.  She has become quite the runner despite her short t legs; she can sprint along for 4-5 miles a day.  She is fond of lazy moments in front of the fireplace or on her arm chair.  She loves snow, hiking swimming n streams and Whipple Dam in the summer.  She is truly this woman’s best friend.  When I found out PCF was taking over the shelter I placed a call to family members and friends to give donations in lieu of my Christmas gifts.  It is a small amount for all the good you all do every day for so many wonderful animals in need.  Not to mention the humans in need of wonderful animals.  Thank you for helping people like me find our furry forever friends.

 ~Jess n Molly


I adopted Piper on April 15, 2012.  She was malnourished, and starved for love and attention. She has adjusted to her new home and continues to gain weight.  I had to let her collar out two holes!  I would like to thank Pets Come First for working with me in adopting Piper.  She has turned out to be a very smart, well mannered great companion.

~ S. Ellenberger


Willow likes her new home and thanks PCF for taking
such good care of her until she found her forever
~Kathy K