It’s been almost a month since I adopted Gretchen who is now Penny and it has been three weeks since her amputation. She is one of the happiest pups I have ever met, and she just melts the hearts of everyone she meets, as you all know very well! I couldn’t be happier with my decision to adopt her!! One of the pictures is of us at the Dog Jog!  Thank you PCF!


Tux is doing great and has been the perfect fit to our family! He is growing strong and healthy, out of that underweight skinny body of less than 14 pounds when we had got him. He’s now 6 months and about 50 pounds! Doc says his weight and build are perfect for that boxer body he has. He is sooo loving, a definite snuggler! From day 1, he has always wanted to be on our laps if he had the chance. He is much bigger now but still grabs that moment to lay on you if he catches you sitting on the floor. He is absolutely great with the kids and they love him sooo much!

Thank you for helping us find Tux!

~ The Bowermaster Family


We adopted Boss from Pets Come First and my youngest daughter changed his name to Lowie.

She said he looked like a Lowie.  After a fun car ride to Petco to get some new items, he settled in our home quite nicely.  He introduced himself to the guinea pigs and the cat. At first the meeting with the cat was not taken well, but now they seem to be pals. We have caught them several times exchanging nose kisses in the morning, it is really cute! 

I do believe Lowie loves being with us…we love him, too. He now has a routine. He sleeps in my room, gets up in the morning to go for a walk, comes back to get petted by everyone and in return gives kisses to everyone.  He looks happily at all of us wagging his tail all day. We have even noticed some strength returning to his back legs. 

Thank you PCF!  We love Lowie very much!


Diamond is doing so well. She has adjusted perfectly and is our big spoiled baby. She thinks she is a lap dog. My kids love her. We took her to my parent’s house for the weekend and she did great with their dog and she even did great with my Mom’s cats. I am very proud of Diamond.  We have not had any issues what so ever with her adjusting to our family. She has never had an accident in the house and she enjoys riding in the car. I want to thank you PCF for giving us a wonderful new member to our family.  We just love her to death!  She is the perfect dog and we are glad that we decided to adopt from your organization. 



Thank you PCF for my adorable “Easter Bunny”, Paschal.

He has a slight handicap to his one side, but that doesn’t slow him down at all.  He loves his food and nibbling on his hay, but especially loves the leafy greens, carrots and strawberries he gets as treats.  Paschal loves to sit on top of the hide-away inside of his crate so he can observe everything going on, but especially loves his exercise time outside of the crate where he is free to roam and explore new things.   He even makes little obstacle courses for himself under chairs and over boxes.  Thanks to PCF for taking in an injured bunny and for taking great care of him until he found his forever home with me!


Tyson renamed Apache has settled in nicely in his new home.  He is absolutely in love with our other dog Phoenix.  They have been inseparable from day one. They love running around the yard playing and chasing each other. He is such a good boy and a huge snuggler. We bring him to the dog park and he gets along great with all the other dogs.  They all run and play with each other.  We absolutely love him


We adopted Cass the first week of January, when Pets Come First opened the adoption center.  She had a rough start in the beginning and was ill.  Cass recovered quickly and is doing well now.  She gets along great with our senior border collie


These are our girls Gretchen and Nanook…

Gretchen, the Shepherd is 3 months old.  We adopted her from Pets Come First for my son and the bond and love they have for one another is unbelievable.  When he leaves for work she misses him so much.  Nanook, a black Shepherd is our other puppy and both girls get along great!  I am so thankful and happy we adopted Gretchen. THANK YOU! She found her forever home!


Holly, Dale & New Babies

I must say these babies are wonderful dogs.  They are so well behaved and friendly.  No one can believe they are rescue dogs.  Who would leave these sweet dogs????  We are still working on new names for them.  We could not be happier!


Frenkel found his new home and has no problems with house training as the adoption center had been told.  He went almost a full month before his first ‘accident’.  He has never chewed anything up, stays either in his crate or roams freely around the house.  He is a wonderful little dog!!
He has beautiful green eyes and sometimes both ears stand up, sometimes they both hang down, and other times one is up and one is down…he is so cute!  He loves children and ADORES big dogs and we just love him!