November 2012

PCF is very thankful!!!  We have adopted 24 cats/kittens and 14 dogs!  That is 38 loving new homes found.   This is an example of gratitude and working together as a community.


Thanksgiving Day, as celebrated in North America, is a time to gather with family and friends to give thanks for the many blessings enjoyed by these nations and their citizens.

PCF would like to thank our families who allow us to do what we love.   To all the volunteers who show up daily, weekly and monthly to care for the animals and to those who fill the many behind the scene roles to run an organization.  Thank you to all the generous people and businesses in our community who have made donations to our organization.  Thank  you  to the families who have opened their hearts and have given many of the animals in our care a new loving home they so deserve.  Happy Thanksgiving!

October 2012

What an exciting month.  Our team once again found loving homes for so many cats and dogs this month.  We have adopted 39 cats/kittens and 23 dogs, no that is scary!  This has been our best month for adoptions at PCF a total of 63 loving animals have a new place to call home.

September 2012

What a great team of volunteers we have working with the public helping them find their forever furry friend companions.  This month we have adopted 19 cats and 7 dogs.  Two dogs even found their way back home. That is 26 loving animals have a new place to call home. 

In September two Cat Clinic were held and a total of 60 cats were spayed and neutered.


August 2012

Eight months into taking over the SPCA of Centre Hall and having dedicated caring volunteers, we have adopted 24 cats and 21 dogs.  That is 45 loving animals in the  month of August have a place to call home. What a community! 

Cat Clinic numbers will be available soon.

Petco Grant

Petco has awarded Pets Come First with a grant that will help cover costs to spay and neuter homeless cats in our area.  We currently have a list of over 250 cats.  This grant will support PCF in our mission to reduce the homeless pet population in the Centre County Area.

July 2012

There have been fireworks exploding at PCF! In July 39 animals which included 27 dogs, 19 cats and 1 rabbit are living the life they deserve. That is a total of 288 animals since January who have found their forever home.  THANK YOU!

Hometown Heros

America’s Got Heroes Parade of Heroes

Do you see a hero? Take a few moments and imagine what the world would be like if there were no heroes. Our lives would be so much poorer. It’s doubtful the United States would even exist. Our history has had heroes since Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Robert Morris and others signed the Declaration of Independence.

The Parade of Heroes is the platform utilized to publicly thank and recognize the heroes of Central Pennsylvania. Deb Warner and Jen Spence from PCF were among the few honored citizens who participated in the Parade of Heroes which was part of the 4th Fest Celebration in State College.  They were nominated by Sandy Hoffmaster who has been a dedicated volunteer working with them to make a difference in our community.  The heroes selected to participate in the parade received a commemorative plaque and were transported individually in vehicles through the parade route with their names and town’s highlighted on banners alongside the vehicle. Deb and Jen had the honor of being transported by the beautiful Percheron draft horses owned by Hershey’s of Warriors Mart, PA. Those nominees not selected to be in the parade will receive honorable mentions and a certificate thanking them for their service to their community and country.

Volunteers and Board Members participated in the parade giving out candy and information on the success of what PCF has accomplished to date.  The PCF van was part of the celebration being showcased to the public.

Bark in the Park July 2012

A BIG thank you to Metzger Animal Hospital for sponsoring this event and for supporting all local rescues in our area!

Metzger awarded PCF a $500.00 medical credit based on you, the community voting for our adoption center.  This money helps PCF with emergency medical care for animals in need.  Once again we appreciate your continued support.

We look forward to seeing you again on Thursday, August 16th!

June 2012

Summer time brought some happy news to PCF and all of our volunteers.  We placed a total of 241 animals since January into their forever loving homes.  In June 39 animals which included 16 dogs, 22 cats and 1 rabbit are living the life they deserve in a new home of their very own.

One cat clinic was held in June and the numbers will be recorded shortly.

THANK YOU to everyone who has made this journey possible for the animals in our community who need our support!