Facts – Why not to breed dogs?

So you want to breed your dog. Why?

So We Can Make Money…

Do you realize the expenses involved in such items as advertising, stud fee, vet bills, food, etc., to raise a litter to eight weeks of age?

Watching the Miracle of Birth Would be a Good Experience for Our Kids…

The majority of whelpings take place during the night. Will your kids be so anxious to wake up at 3:00 am to witness this and make it to school the next day? What if something goes wrong and Spot needs to be rushed to the vet for a Caesarean section? What if puppies are born with severe birth defects, or born dead? Are your children really ready to witness that? The gory parts of whelping repulse most children (and the occasional adult). Most kids are all too anxious to skip the miracle you intended for them to see.

Our Children Would Have so Much Fun Playing with the Puppies as They Grow Up…

While the puppies may at first hold the child’s fascination, keep in mind how long they played with the toy they begged you to get them for Christmas. Puppies are around for at least eight weeks and can’t be cast aside when no longer amusing. A litter of puppies can grow up too rowdy for most small children, who are usually disinterested or absolutely terrified of the leaping, sharp toenailed, pointed teethed puppies.

Because We Love Spot and Want One Just Like Her…

With genetics and environment playing a big part in determining a puppy’s personality, the odds you will get one “just like her” aren’t as much of a sure thing as you may think.

  • What if Spot has problems and needs a Cesarean or extensive vet care ($$$$)?
  • What if the puppies die?
  • What if she isn’t pregnant?
  • What if you weren’t as careful as you thought when Spot was in season and your lovely red Irish Setter gives birth to black & white spotted puppies? This is no time to find out little Johnny let her out so she could play with the Dalmatian down the street.
  • What are you going to do with 10 six-month-old puppies you can’t sell, give away or have the heart to put to sleep? Do you have adequate facilities to keep them? What about your zoning laws? Do you now have 11 dogs over the age of 6 months in an area zoned for 3 dogs?
  • What if Spot can’t or won’t nurse the puppies? Are you prepared to tube-feed them every two hours for the next 3 weeks? Do you even know how to tube-feed a puppy? Will your boss let you have another 3 weeks of vacation?
  • What if Spot dies while whelping, or soon after? Will it have been worth it? Are you prepared to tell the kids what happened?
credit: Harrison Kennel Club