What is a Foster Program?

The purpose of a Foster Program is to place animals in temporary homes where they can be evaluated and eventually placed for adoption. Animals that are placed in foster care will be chosen by the staff as to their specific needs.

Some of the animals that are surrendered are unsocialized and shy. Our hope is that the foster homes can work with the animals to overcome their anxiety and build their confidence. Some of the animals have been neglected and/or abused. We would never knowingly put an aggressive animal in a foster home,  and we stress safety precautions when having an animal in your home. We work with several trainers in the area that will help with behavior patterns.

What is a Foster Parent?

A foster parent is someone who provides temporary housing and care for an animal at Pets Come First shelter.

The Pets Come First Foster Care program is designed to provide a caring home where animals can receive more individualized attention. Sometimes they are recovering from illness, on hold due to a court case, need to be socialized, or aren’t old enough to be placed in a forever home.

What’s so great about being a Foster Parent?

Fostering is one of the greatest gifts you can give to an animal.

  • Foster parents get to experience the joy of having a pet without having to make a lifetime commitment.
  • Foster parents save the life not only of the animal being fostered, but free up space at the shelter for another animal in need.
  • Foster parents help save lives!
  • Foster parents have the first chance to adopt their foster animals or arrange adoptions with qualified, interested parties. We encourage foster parents to help find forever homes for their foster babies.
  • Foster parents have the heartwarming satisfaction of knowing they’ve connected homeless animals with loving, stable households.
  • Many thousands of animals are now in their forever homes thanks to dedicated foster parents and families.

How do I become a Foster Parent?

If you are interested in fostering an animal please inquire at the adoption center.