Stray Animals

Steps to follow

  1. Assuming this is not an emergency situation, take the animal to a local vet to check for a microchip.
  2. Take pictures of the animal.
  3. Make fliers and hang them where the animal was found and surrounding areas.
  4. Hang them at local vet offices, local businesses, and the nearest shelter.
  5. If you are not near a shelter call them and give them the information over the phone.
  6. Post the animal on Pets911 Facebook, your Facebook page and email your family, friends and business associates and ask them to do the same.
  7. If you cannot keep the pet until the owner is found, ask family, friends business associates to help.
  8. Take the initiative to find someone who will be open to foster the animal until a permanent home is found.
  9. Call your local Shelter/Rescues to see if there is room available to surrender the animal.
  10. You will have to pay a surrender fee and make a donation to that Shelter/Rescue to help with the cost of caring for this pet until a home is found.

No-kill shelters and rescues

  • Know that we want to help you.
  • We must work together educating, spaying/neutering and safely caring for our pets.
  • It starts with all of us as pet owners to make that change within our circle of family, friends, business associates and our community.