As a rescue organization, we understand that sometimes life changes and forces us to make decisions about our precious pets, leaving us with few options. We know this is a hard decision to make and we try to make it as easy as possible on all parties. Coming here to a rescue was the best decision you can make as we will find the best home for your animal.

There is a fee for all animals surrendered.  If your pet was lost and turned into the adoption center as a stray there is a daily fee charged to the owner.

The surrender fee helps to provide food, medication and medical attention for your animal while in our care.

Current Fees
RTO-$25(per day)

  1. Call 814.364.1725 to schedule an appointment.  If we do not have an available space we will take your contact information and call you when one is available.  We will notify you of the surrender fee at that time.
  2. It is important that you show up for your scheduled appointment or notify us if you are not able to make your appointment.
  3. You will need to bring your drivers license and your surrender fee.